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José Luis Ayala Vargas 


1 (832) 341-1013
Houston, TX.

Luis was born and raised in Paraguay and studied architecture in Asuncion and Venice, Italy. 

Along with Solano Benitez and Alberto Marinoni, he was co-founder and partner of Gabinete de Arquitectura, an award winning internationally recognized firm. Luis moved to Houston in 2007 working as a designer with a renowned educational architecture firm and became responsible for designing several of the most innovative schools in Texas.

He is also an avid architectural photographer, a hobby which started by necessity for documenting his own architectural work. After being approached by friends to capture their work, he quickly developed a passion for photography, traveling, experiencing spaces and seeing them under the best possible light. 

Luis’ work has won several awards and has been published in books and architectural magazines such as Architectural Record and Texas Architect. Currently Luis is a Design Director for Gensler in Houston.



1993    Design Workshop, Universita de Firenze, Florence, Italy
1994    Professional photographer, Asuncion, Paraguay.
1995    Interior Design semester, SDSU, San Diego, CA
1996    Architectural design, IUAV, Istituto Universitario de Venezia, Venice Italy
1999    Architect degree by Universidad Catolica Asuncion, Paraguay
2001    Licensed architect by Ministerio de Obras Publicas y construcciones, Paraguay
2008   LEED AP, United States Green Building Council
2013    AIA, Licensed architect in Texas


American Institute of Architects
U.S. Green Building Council
RDA Rice Design Alliance
Colegio de Arquitectos del Paraguay
Asociación de Fotógrafos profesionales del Paraguay

Competitions – Awards

1998    Honorable mention, Paraguayan congress building competition (1)
2000   Finalist of Mies Van der Rohe award, Barcelona, Spain, for Sitrande (1)
2001    1st prize private competition, Unilever headquarters, Villa Elisa (1)
2001    2nd prize, private competition, BID Bank, Asuncion (2)
2001    Honorable mention, Public competition, Philosophy faculty, Catholic University, Lambare (3)
2002    1st prize, private competition, ASISMED hospital, Asuncion (0)
2005    1st prize, public competition, High School prototypes for Education Ministery & BIRF, Paraguay (4)
2006    1st prize, private competition, BAT (British American Tobacco) Headquarters, Asuncion (8)
2008    Buffalo Bayou Charette, Rice Design Alliance, Houston, TX (10)
2010     Willow Waterhole Park, Rice Design Alliance, Houston, TX (10)
2011      AIA Design Award, for Gloria Marshall Elementary School, Houston, TX (10)
2011      TASA TASB Caudill Award, Gloria Marshall Elementary School, Houston, TX (10)
2011      USGBC Green School Award, Gloria Marshall Elementary, Houston, TX (10) 
2012     Rice University Photography competition Award winner, Houston, TX
2012     1st prize, private competition, Country Day School, San Jose, Costa Rica (10)
2015     TASA TASB Caudill Award, Katy STEAM, TX (10)
2017     Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Architecture through the Media in Honor of John G. Flowers Hon. AIA

Private Activity:

1995    ARPA airlines offices, Asuncion (0)
1995    La verdad de la Milanesa, Shopping del Sol, Asuncion (0)
1995    La Chopperia del Shopping, Shopping del Sol, Asuncion (0)
1996    Amstel restaurant, Asuncion (0)
1996    La Chopperia del Shopping, Mariscal Lopez Shopping (0)
1996    Multiplo Warehouses, Luque (0)
1996    La Chopperia del Shopping, Shopping KM5, Asuncion (0)
1996    SHELL Aeronautical gas station, Guarani Airport, Ciudad del Este (0)
1996    Alliance Francaise, Asuncion (0)
1996    TAM airlines offices, Asuncion (0)
1997    Bedoya House, Lambare (0)
1997    Loma Pora house, Caapucu (0)
1997    SOFIA project, offices for Asuncion border customs, Asuncion (0)
1997    Beiersdorf Warehouse, Asuncion (0)
1997    Garcia Multi-Family multi-story building, Asuncion (0) 
1997    G. Rioboo Multi-story office building, Asuncion (0)
1997    Pizarro gated-community houses,  Lambare (0)
1997    Yaluk house, Asuncion (0) 
1997    ABS, Construction Expo,Asuncion (0) 
1997    CONPAR, construction expo, Asuncion (1)
1998    ABS offices, Asuncion (1)
1998    Centro Electrico 1, retail store, Asuncion (1)
1998    America Taekwondo academy, Asuncion (1)
1998    Centro Electrico 2, retail store, Asuncion (1)
1998    Protek offices, Asuncion (1)
1998    Centro Electrico 3, retail store, San Lorenzo (1)
1998    Intertec laboratory, Asuncion (1)
1998    Maxi Shop, retail store, Asuncion (1)
1998    Motorola offices, Asuncion (1)
1998    Pozzi house, Asuncion (1)
1998    SITRANDE vacational complex, Ytu (1)
1998    VAGO’S clothing factory, San Lorenzo (1)
1999    Ibarra's house (1)
1999    La chopperia del Shopping, Villa Morra Shopping, Asuncion (1)
1999    La verdad de la Milanesa, Villa Morra shopping, Asuncion (1)
1999    Arma Coatings offices, Asuncion (1)
1999    Intertec, Motorola/Panasonic offices, Asuncion (1)
1999    Motor Mas mechanic shop, Asuncion (1)
1999    Centro Electrico 4 retail store, Asuncion (1)
1999    Demelenne House, Aregua (1)
1999    Emergencias Medicas, Hospital, Asuncion (1)
1999    Tuma house, Asuncion (1)
1999    Yacht gated-community houses, Lambare (1)
2000    Ocampos house, Asuncion (1)
2000    Franco house, Luque (1)
2000    Super Spuma mattress factory, San Lorenzo (1)
2000    Atlas financial offices, Asuncion (1)
2000    Baumgarten house, Asuncion (1)
2000    Materno Infantil Hospitals, Curuguaty, Hernandarias, Concepcion, Saltos del Guaira, San Estanislao (1)
2000   Super Spuma retail store Asuncion (1)
2001    Unilever headquarters, Villa Elisa (1)
2001    Laguardia House, Surubi’I (1)
2001    Luna & Alon house, Lambare
2001    MXSOUTH retail store, Asuncion
2001    Refugio house, Luque (12)
2002    La vencedora cigarette factory, Capiata (0)
2002    Maria house, Asuncion
2002    Aries house, Fernando de la Mora (5)
2002    Nuestro Shopping Pavillion, Expo 2002, Mariano Roque Alonso (5)
2002    Asismed hospital, Asuncion (0)
2002    Annick house, Asuncion (6)
2003    Horacio house, Asuncion (0)
2003    J House, Nueva Italia (0)
2003    CDI Elementary School, Asuncion (7)
2003    NH hotel, Asuncion (0)
2003    Renee House, Asuncion (0)
2003    Alpatex offices, Lambare (0)
2004    TAM hangar, Luque (0)
2004    Asepasa offices, Asuncion (0)
2004    Canal 13, Expo 2004, Mariano Roque Alonso
2004    Chopperia del Shopping, Shopping del Sol, Asuncion
2005    Oshun Lounge Bar, BAT (British American Tobacco) Asuncion
2005    Kaamastro, Art Bar, BAT (British American Tobacco) Asuncion
2005    D&M House, Lambare (8)
2005    JLMB house, Lambare (8)
2005    Paul & Patty house, Asuncion (8)
2005    Mavi House (9)
2005    Alpatex warehouse (8)
2006    BAT headquarters, Asuncion (8)
2006    Lorena House, interior design, Madrid, Spain
2007    Savoy Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2007    Needville High School, Needville, TX (10)
2008    Victoria High School, Victoria, TX (10)
2008    Victoria Middle School, Victoria TX (10)
2009    Santa Rita multi story multi family building, Santa Rita (11)
2009    Gloria Marshall Elementary School, Spring TX (10)
2009    Salyards Middle School, Cypress Fairbanks, TX (10)
2009    Northbrook High School Renovation, Houston TX, (10)
2010     Meadow Wood Elementary School, Houston TX, (10)
2010     Encarnacion Hotel, Encarnacion, (11)
2010     SHW offices, Houston (10)
2010     Klein High School, Klein, TX (10)
2010     Hollibrook Elementary School Spark Park Pavilion, Houston, TX (10)
2011      Spring Branch Education Center, Houston, TX (10)
2011      Spring Woods High School, Baseball stadium addition, Houston, TX (10)
2011      Northbrook High School Athletic Building, Houston, TX (10)
2012     Washburn School of Law, Topeka, KS (10)
2012    Tidehaven Junior High & High School, El Maton, TX (10)
2012    Tidehaven ISD, Markham Elementary, Markham, TX (10)
2012    Tidehaven ISD, Blessing Elementary, Blessing, TX (10)
2012    Country Day School, San Jose, Costa Rica (10)
2013    Texas A&M Veterinary School, College Station, TX (10)
2013    Rummel Creek Elementary School, Spring Branch, TX (10)
2014    Spring Branch Education Center, TX(10)
2014    STEM Center, Katy, TX (10)
2015    JUSP Schools, Regina and Saskatoon, Canada (10)
2015    Culinary arts building, HCC, Houston, TX (10)
2015    University of Dallas, Administration Building, Dallas, TX(13)
2015    Chimp Haven, Keithville, LA(13)
2015    Kansas University, Science building, Lawrence, KS(13)
2016    Texas A&M Bio-containment Research building, TX(13)
2016    University of Texas at El Paso, Interdisciplinary Research Building, TX(13)
2016    Texas Tech University, Medical Science Building II, TX(13)
2017    Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Houston, TX(13)
2018 Woodforest Church, Montgomery, TX (14)
2018 Port of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX (14)
2018 Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, TX (14)



(0)      associated to arch. Luis Torcida
(1)       as principal of Gabinete de Arquitectura with arch. Solano Benitez and Alberto Marinoni
(2)      in association with arch. Luis Torcida and Hermann Dienstmaier
(3)      in association with arch. Solano Benitez, Alberto Marinoni and arch. Javier Corvalan
(4)      in association with arch. Javier Corvalan, arch. Arnaldo Acosta, arch. Adriana Valet, arch. Jose Cubilla
(5)      in association with arch. Hermann Dienstmaier and arch. Liliana Hadad
(6)      in association with arch. Alejandra Sanchez
(7)      in association with arch. Jose Cubilla and arch. Arnaldo Acosta
(8)      in association with arch. Adriana Sbetlier
(9)      in association with arch. Jose Cubilla
(10)     as a designer for SHW Group / Stantec
(11)      in association with arch. Adriana Valet and arch. Arnaldo Acosta.
(12)     Design by arch. Javier Corvalan , construction administration contract.
(13)     as a Senior Designer for Perkins+Will
(14) as a Design Director for Gensler



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