KinneyMorrow's architecture new office in Houston

Located in Houston's historic sixth ward, this  house wasn't originally in this site but a block away. Strong historic preservation ordinances prohibits buildings like this one to be demolished but is legal to move it as long it remains in the neighborhood. So the original owner offered KinneyMorrow to put it in a truck and displace it to its final site, so he could have room in his lot to build a new one. 

Brilliant minds at KinneyMorrow saw this structure as a gem that could host their future office. Striping everything apart but preserving the original structure intact and almost starting anew with everything else, a slot in the walls is the gesture that joins all spaces together, allowing this old-filled-with-memories house to continue shaping lives of his inhabitants, this time as an architecture design office.

"This" is respect and love for architecture. Congratulations to my friends Taryn and Michael for such a brave statement.

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