Architectural Photography workshop with AIA Houston

The workshop

What a fun weekend!
With the support of the AIA Houston, Mariella and I taught a hands-on-architectural-photography-seminar, covering the basics, talking about composition techniques, processing images and business. 14 participants joined us during a tightly scheduled weekend.

For a good cause

100% of the proceeds from this workshop were donated to the ArCH Rebuild campaign
Hopefully, next time we do this, we’ll use the ArCH Center.
We are very grateful to Gensler Houston for hosting the event this time.

Some Testimonials

I thought it was great and I really enjoyed my time with Luis, Mariella, and everyone else involved. It was a great experience and I feel a lot more confident about seeking out more photography work.
Grant Gay with Gensler

Great Class!  It was very gracious of Mariella and Luis to share some of their talent and knowledge!
James C. Helm II, AIA with RPA architects

To say I learned a lot would be an understatement. I really feel I have a much stronger base knowledge now to start working on developing my skills. I can't wait to continue training my eye and applying what we learned this weekend! I've been to several photography workshops over the past few years and this has to be one of the best I've attended. Mariella and Luis were such an awesome tag-team. They did a fantastic job covering all aspects of architectural photography at all skill levels. I would highly recommend this workshop to any of my photography pals.
Lauren Hughes with Pfluger

Thank you for organizing the workshop, and thanks so much to Mariella and Luis for sharing their talents with us!  It was a fun and inspiring weekend, and I really enjoyed the workshop format. Thanks again! Danny Rigg AIA with RIGG Studio

Hello guys, thanks again for hosting the workshop. It was a pleasure to meet y’all.
Tommy Tenzo

Thank y’all again for taking the time out of your weekend to teach us about architectural photography, and letting me use your very expensive and nice cameras.  I really enjoyed the learning experience, and I hope to have a chance to learn from y’all again.

AIA Houston link with participant images